What’s your hook?

The decision for a certain product is always an individual process that I neither can nor want to relieve you of. I don’t want to advertise either, because I do not get any money for that. This article should provide a little more information so that you can better decide which throwing hook is the best choice for you. So you may only have to spend money once and hopefully save yourself unnecessary frustration.

Originally I wanted to pit the hooks against each other and see who „wins“. But I quickly realized that this plan would not work out in a good way. All of the hooks do their job quite well, only partially in a very special manner. Sometimes that’s good and sometimes crap – they all have something good and at least one “catch”. Finally there is a pool of people for each one who are happy with it – or not at all.

The devil is in the details and the longer I climbed a hook, the better I found it – precisely because of its special features. But what bothered me about a hook, it made up for with other quirks. Certainly there is one that I do carry along with me most often in everyday life, but if I had to commit myself, I can’t say whether it would be this one … You realize it’s complicated :P.

So I just decided to profile* all available hooks and work out the differences:

*all prices are researched at german resellers.

It would simply be unfair to create a ranking here. There is a lot of love for detail in all of them and in the end it may just be a question of which style you like best. You will surely find a hook that suits you.

Don’t get attached to it as much as I do 😛

See you soon in and under the trees!



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